Sustaining Business Growth in the Midst of Crisis


24 February 2012
Venue: Shangri-La Bangkok Hotel

Global is delighted to have held its first seminar in Asia this February. Below we have listed the papers that were presented and if you would like any further information, please get in touch with our contact as indicated.

Key Note Speaker: How to Sustain Business Growth in The Midst of Crisis by Veerathai Santiprabhob
Sukit Tanskul at

Portfolio Evaluation by Robert Kyba, Canada
(This paper talks about new product launch assessment within a competitive set as nowadays, evaluating a new portfolio of products happens at the global level and at the local level. In this presentation, innovative approaches in both qualitative and quantitative methods are explored and described.)

Optimizing The Customer Experience by Using Longitudinal Research Panels by Cris Tarrant, UK
(This paper will summarise BDRC Continental’s experience of helping service organisations sharpen their customer experience. The presentation will include a series of powerful case studies from some of the UK’s largest financial services businesses to bring the technique and its impact to life. The paper will be relevant to all attendees interested in operational service improvement through customer generated insight.)

Brand Booster by Fernand Wiesenfeld, France
(This tool’s objective is increasing brand attractiveness by defining the most relevant and efficient communication strategy, allowing a breakthrough in the particular competitive universe.)

Key Note Speaker: Happiness Society by Mr. Danai Chanchaochai
Sukit Tanskul at

A New Brand Equity Paradigm Linked to Financial Performance
by Tim McPartlin, USA
(Relevant Clarity is a proprietary brand equity model that is based on extensive R&D conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide. It is designed to measure a brand’s current equity, and provide very specific direction to strengthen it to maximize its financial performance. It is one of the only brand equity model that is strongly linked to financial performance, and it can be accessed through a very user-friendly desktop simulation tool.)

How Mystery Shopping leads Your Business to Grow
by Harry Puspito, Indonesia
(This paper talks about a research tool for the measurement of service quality which is believed to impact customer loyalty and business growth; it highlights the additional motivational benefit that is not available in other measurement tools, and the experience in the competitive banking industry, particularly in Indonesia.)

The Social Network by Silvio Pires de Paula, Brazil
(The nets are a wonderful field to carry out market research studies. The presentation will focus on some recent statistics, research tools, useful sources and show what is being done by leading net research companies.)