Over 30 Years of International
Research Experience

Founded in 1986, Global is an international partnership
of accredited independent national market research companies

Local knowledge

Global provides the local knowledge of independent national market research companies

Global provides key information where you need it

Global partners all work to agreed and tested international standards for qualitative and quantitative research

Founded in 1996 by a group of leading market research firms, today GMR and our member network span the globe with offices in 26 countries. And while we all might live in different time zones and speak different languages, we all share the same vision: To offer our clients a trusted global network of local expertise that helps them adapt to changing markets and mindsets by keeping them on top of relevant trends and new developments.

What makes GMR different? Unlike many international research organisations, our network is made up of like-minded independent research firms. Each regional office is entrusted to conduct research using the methods and innovative platforms they feel will be the most relevant locally and beneficial to the client based on the project objectives. And as new global trends and consumer insights emerge, the GMR member network has the local capabilities and expertise to execute accurate and actionable data on a global scale.