Innovation in Marketing Research


30 May 2013
Venue: Maison de la Recherche, Paris

Global is delighted to have held a further Paris seminar on May 30th 2013. Below we have listed the papers that were presented and if you would like any further information, please get in touch with our contact as indicated.

Big Data / Data Scientist, the New frontier for you Data by François Conesa (SOLADIS) François Conesa, general manager of Soladis; in charge of the SAFIR Master, Decisions and risk management, in the Lyon ISFA university; Vice-president of Polytech’Lyon (école polytechnique of Lyon); Statistic engeneer. With the generalized massive aquisition of datas in the process, why and how to build a dymanic marketing plan. The modelisation of bases of the operation paremeters of knowledge and the clients’ satisfaction measurement herald the “data scientist” era, a “big data” job.

MASTERTRENDS®: a third dimension in marketing analysis by Martine Clerckx (WIDE) and Philippe Geerts (LISTEN) – Belgium This is a unique approach allowing the synergy functionment of the societies evolutions and the results of the quantitaties and/or qualitaties studies.

From the Client statisfaction to the client preference: The key of stakeholding by Fernand Wiesenfeld (MV2 Group) – France This very concrete presentation allows to discover the analytics process which can be created from the results of the Satisfaction Measurements, with the finality to define some operationals objectives to optimize the Client Preference, unavoidable condition to attain the “graal” : the Loyalty.

MROC (Market Research Online Communities) : a strong and structuring tendancy of the Marketing Studies. by Balàzs Kertész (Szinapszis Market Research & Consulting) – Hungary This presentation is divided in 3 parts:

  • With international examples, exhibition of the features and advantages of the Communities Panel, the required resources to set them up and to manage them, with different options.
  • Launch your own community panel, with the useful methods of evolution.
  • The companies’ interest to have and/or to manage their own community panel.

Fishing in Ponds : a practical vision of the use of MROCs (Marketing Research Online Communities) by Silvio Pires de Paula (DEMANDA) – Brazil Market researchers are aware of and interested in using market research online communities (MROCs). However, many don’t know exactly how to bring online communities into their research mix. This presentation will give some concretes examples allowing everyone to find an advantage to use online communities : methodological expertizing, relations with the suppliers, online communities integration in the quantitatives projects, etc.