Innovation in Marketing Research


Friday 1st March 2013
Venue: The Raffles Hotel

We held our second Asian seminar in Singapore in March 2013.
Below please find a summary of the papers that were presented and if you would like any further details please get in touch with our contact as indicated. The seminar ended with a Client Round Table Discussion.

How PTT made use of innovation to feature in the Top Global 500
by Songkrit Boonyabaramee, Vice President of PTT plc, the largest oil company in Thailand.

Harnessing the Non-Conscious Mind to Provide New Insights
by Nancy Jagou (Lieberman) United States
This paper will describe several new techniques and tools that seek to exploit these new scientific findings; but in ways that have practical application to marketing research.
These techniques are designed to help tap into the non-conscious minds of respondents to obtain reactions and evaluations that are more emotional and perhaps more valid and predictive. They include implicit techniques, emotional coding of facial reactions to stimuli and more emotionally loaded types of scales.

Service Intensity… for hearts and heads
by Cris Tarrant (BDRC Continental) United Kingdom
This paper will describe BDRC Continental’s proprietary approach to diagnosing the strengths and vulnerabilities inherent in any supplier-client relationship. Launched in 2011, this technique helps service organizations to understand the balance between ‘rational’ ‘emotional’ and ‘customer effort’ inputs in their customer exchanges, and tailor their servicing proposition accordingly.

Eye Tracking in Marketing Research
by Sukit Tanskul (Custom Asia) Thailand
Latest technology integrated in classical research is always sexy and attractive. But does it help us generate – new insights, new data or help us finding a deeper understanding? From a multitude of possibilities allowed by the use of eye trackers we highlight a case study when an eye tracking module was integrated in a traditional focus group research.

A More Impactful Research Engagement Model
by Mike Sherman, (Singtel) Keynote Speaker
Mike is the Head of L!ving Analytics, Group Digital Life, Singtel
This paper will discuss how the SingTel/Optus Community Panels have helped the L!ving Analytics team drive the voice of the customer into business decisions. Launched in January of 2012, SingTel and Optus Digital Advisors leverage the community panel infrastructure to move from brief to output in a week or less at a low incremental cost per activity. This flexibility has allowed the team to spend more time working with end users on clarifying the business and marketing objectives, which in turn allows for shorter questionnaires focused on the right questions.The overall impact has been a different and more impactful client engagement model and substantially greater use of customer input in key decisions.

Client Round Table
by Optimisation of Market Research with New Technology & Methodologies
An opportunity for all delegates to join in round table discussions with their peer group market research buyers across a range of industries. A one hour discussion will be chaired by leading research professionals from around the world to discuss how different clients are using research and their supply network to maximise their ROI in market research. This represents a unique opportunity to learn from your peer group in an international gathering of market researchers.