C23 Research (Castello Veintitres, S.L.)


  • Founded 1996
  • Member of ESOMAR
  • Member of AEDEMO


Automotive • Mystery Shopping and POS Audits • Agricultural • Banking, Finance and Insurance • Computers, IT and Telecommunications • Cosmetics and Hygiene • FMCG • Household Appliances • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Travel and Tourism


An independent company offering full service. Our key objective is for our clients to consider us as their Spanish partner: Nationwide market research services for qualitative and quantitative projects

Qualitative Research Services and Resources

  • Internal Recruitment with Excellent Show Rates
  • State-of-the-art Viewing Facilities
  • FocusVison Video Conferencing or Video Streaming
  • Experienced, International, Bilingual Moderators
  • Simultaneous Translators Experienced in Market Research Projects
  • Superior Client Services and Catering
  • Flexible Output Options from Verbal Debriefs to Full Reporting with Strategic Recommendations

Quantitative Research Services and Resources

  • Nationwide Network of Experienced Interviewers and Mystery Shoppers
  • Internal CATI Stations
  • Internal CAPI Units
  • Online Surveys or CAWI
  • Nationwide Network of Central Locations for Pre-recruited or Street Recruited Interviewing
  • Sensory Test Facilities for Food and Drinks or Sniff Tests
  • Exit Interviewing in Store Location
  • Mystery Shopping or Store Auditing Nationwide
  • Flexible Output Options from Completed Questionnaires or Raw Data to Strategic Reporting

C23 Research
(Castello Veintitres, S.L.)

Victor Valen – International Director
Calle Castelló, 23 – entreplanta
28001 Madrid
Tel: +34 – 91-435-9985
Fax: +34 – 91-435-6438