SODA Market Research S.C.



The main idea behind SODA is to serve as a single point of contact for any institution – end-client, marketing agency, market research agency – interested in market research in Central and Eastern Europe. We have to immodestly admit, we succeeded. With years of experience in conducting market research in this region, we can help you address your business challenges in any of the CEE markets, and holding everything in one hand, save your time and efforts.


Our key value and goal is to provide truly useful services and to ensure highest quality cooperation standards. We want to be a business partner – a company that understands your business and helps you achieve your business goals by offering strategic advisory and practical solutions. Thus, we pay particular attention to the following features:

  • Communication: we always answer your queries not only as soon as possible but also in a comprehensive and thorough manner
  • Understanding: we always make sure we understand your business challenges so that we can offer you most relevant and accurate research solutions
  • Advice & Recommendations: we always advise the most adequate study concept and design to later provide recommendations and feedback regarding its accuracy and feasibility
  • Pro-activeness: we continually keep you updated on the progress and anticipate possible issues
  • Flexibility: we always are flexible, both on design and execution stages, and the only limit is actual feasibility and the quality of results
  • Careful designing and execution: we always pay attention to every detail of the study, to make sure you receive top quality results from the relevant audience
  • Clean & clear actionable results: we always deliver results that are clean and clear and give you support with their interpretation and implementation converting them into actionable recommendations

SODA Market Research S.C.
ul. Chałubińskiego 8 3963,
00-613 Warsaw, Poland

(+48) 22 428 34 51


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