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Research Strategy Group is a research insights consultancy. We are experts in discrete choice modelling, segmentation, prediction markets, product optimization, message modelling, design research, and psychoanalytics. We work in many sectors with particular experience in packaged goods, pharma/health care, cannabis and gaming. We are constantly innovating, always pursuing predictive techniques and models to help your company succeed. Research Strategy Group serves clients around the world and has offices in Toronto, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas.

We believe that there are better ways to do things, and that much of consumer behavior is driven by unconscious programs. Which is why we are out to change the way things are done and why we have adopted a number of different approaches to uncover the emotional as well as the rational, including psychoanalytics, semiotics, Bayesian statistical approaches, and new technologies like AI, VR, AVA.

Member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), MRIA (Marketing Research and Information Association)


Our key areas of expertise are choice-based segmentation, discrete choice modelling, consumer equity, crowd intelligence, and design/user experience research in the beverage alcohol, gambling, cannabis, pharma/health care, and financial sectors.

Research Strategy Group
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