Update France


Founded in 2006 and developed by market research specialists, Update Field Services specializes in gathering information. We prepare the ground for studies involving B2B and B2C targets and can also set up and deploy international projects, whether in France or abroad. Update Field is an accredited member of ESSOMAR.


  • Update Field Services specializes in data collection from both a quantitative and qualitative standpoint.
  • Quantitative study fieldwork includes telephone, IDI, shopper, street, in-home, facility and mystery visits.
  • Qualitative study fieldwork includes focus groups, gang survey, online community, bulletin board, forums, IDI.


  • A network of 250 CATI positions in Europe
  • 8 listening and control centers
  • 4000 researchers in France and its territories
  • 170 tablets Samsung Note 4G connection
  • 50 000 panelists


We are currently able to conduct research in France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain. But we also have a global network of partners to meet a wide range of needs in over 40 countries.

Update France
1. avenue Marx Dormoy
94100 Arcueil
Tel: +33(0)687562362
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